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Gay Klok, Tasmanian Gardener
All these pictures were taken in the garden at "Kibbenjelok" in August,1997

              An early evening picture of the "Big Pond" at Kibbenjelok

              Mahonia lomarifolia, a useful architectural

                plant for the Winter's garden

      A rare form of Christmas Rose, called that by the homesick settlers, though it first brightens

      our eyes in July, the middle of Winter. This Helleborus Orientalis is a double form that

      has vivid green colouring amongst the ruffled white petals. In the last picture you see a Camellia in flower

      behind the Helleborus


      Two more types of Oriental Helleborus and H.Corsicus in picture3


      More peafowl in the Birch [Betula] wood. At the time of writing, August 1997, the count

      of peafowl is 22 green, white and blue cocks and hens. The birches are just becoming

      fuzzy with their new leaves


      Another beauty that flowers in the middle of Winter, [ Iris unguicularis, I

      still call it stylosa , the above is so hard to spell and pronounce] that

      will keep flowering for weeks if you keep it dead headed.


          Euphorbia from the Canary Islands. I grew this from seed that a gardening

          friend in New Zealand gave me. It was easy to start from the seeds and

          now presents the garden with many babies which I find handy for filling in

          spaces that need ground cover. The leaves are most attractive. The next

          photo shows the witch hazel hamamelis "Arnold's Promise" that delights

          the gardener's senses with the perfume and bright, spider flowers from

          the middle of Winter


        The early Rhododendron "Cornubia" is already in flower. We bought many one inch seedlings

      ten years ago and they make lovely flashes of red in the late Winter garden and some

bushes are now 9 ft tall. A close up of the beautiful red flower heads of

    Rh "Cornubia"

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Gay Klok, Hobart Tasmania