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Photos taken in the Town Garden by Gay Klok during November 1998
The Rosa "Iceberg" flowers its heart out in the Town garden.  The flowers will last all through summer and again in April
Old fashioned roses like perfume the whole garden
In the swimming pool mini-climate the Vireya Rhododendrons still give cheer
Foxgloves are an excellent companion plant for Rhododendrons.  They appreciate cool, damp conditions too
The roses bloom at least three weeks earlier in the Town Garden than at "Kibbenjelok"
Although under the shade of the 120 year old Oak tree, these old fashioned roses still manage to bloom
Rhododendrons appreciate the protection of the aged trees and bloom for a longer period
A semi-tender shrub, Iochroma, was once a conservatory plant but seems to be quite hardy in a sheltered spot
The evergreen Azaleas flourish better in the warmer Town garden than at the Country Garden
There are no peafowl in this garden so the only enemy for the Hostas to contend with are the snails
More old roses over the old archway leading to the swimming pool
Roses helping to cover up the ugly paling fence
Within the swimming pool, the perfume from the Jasmine covers up the chlorine smell
Another Rhododendron Vireya seems to bloom forever in the sheltered mini-climate of the pool
Fucschias grow in the outside of the garden and I also grow them within the partially covered swimming pool area
This standard Acer has enjoyed the extra rain this year
A good blue Clematis
If you would like to know more about any of these plants, the names or the growing conditions, I am very happy to answer any questions in the discussion area
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