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Photos taken with pleasure by Gay Klok during Dec 1998 - January 1999
If you would like to use any of my photos please e-mail me first and tell me all about it!
This photo was taken in the Sandy Bay garden and shows a filigree Japanese Acer, and Philadelphis "Beau Etoile" and  Rosa "Sea Foam"
A collection of perennials, Alstromerias, a lone Iris setosa and a Kolwitzia, Chinese Beauty bush
A beautiful Louisiana Iris
Rose bed, one of the two heart shaped gardens [one for Kees and one for me!] in the country garden "Kibbenjelok"   This is the younger bed planted mainly with David Austin English roses
Conifers and Acers bring coolness to another part of the garden
A peafowl takes a stroll along a perennial border with white sp. Gladiolus "The Bride" and a hardy ground orchid and Primulas
Pink and white roses bloom profusely up the old wooden pillars in the Sandy bay garden during December
The summer Asiatic lilies are beginning their wonderful show
"Ladies mantle"  seeds itself throughout the country garden
David Austin roses with strongly contrasting Iris, a good foil for each other
The delicate flowers of the Meconopsis grandis that comes from Tibet
A medley of perennials, sp Geraniums, new leaves on a Rhododendron and Primulas
As night draws near, the peacock surveys the garden to dream of tomorrow's flower dinner and that all is right in the garden of Gay and Kees
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