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This is the path I first take for my daily stroll through the garden when work is done, Fall time

Over on the left hand side the Japanese Iris flower in mid-summer

We have turned right to travel the wide path, red Primulas in November


From the wide path, we look over to the right towards the back of the house

it is now Winter time and we have gone back to the original path and are looking towards the back of the house

Moving along this path, we walk over to see the copper bowls dug into the ground, with ferns and Primulas floroushing around them

On the left hand side of the copper bowls, a small garden has Rhododendrons and trees

This is the other side of the small garden and we will soon turn up the first Rhododendron walk

Manferns and foxgloves fill in the picture when the Rhododendrons have finished their display

Gledistea helps give shade to the Rhododendrons in another room in the garden

If we glance over to the right, where we have come from,  we will see a pretty picture in Springtime with standard cherries and conifers

We have started our journey along the Rhododendron walk, this is glancing back

Up in the top Rhododendron garden, we may find many interesting plants

We will say goodbye to the "Home Orchard Garden" with a photo of my favourite hybrid Rh. "Cis"

This is only half of the garden so if you can bear to see more graphics, go back to my discussion here and we will stroll around to the front of the house.   So, let us have lunch and then continue the tour.  Mind the peafowl don't snatch the sandwich out of your hands

I have tried to choose photos that I haven't used before.  There are approximately 20 photos, taken in season, which are linked to the bottom of all my past articles. To get to my article or any of my past articles, click here