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Photographs taken by Gay Klok in both gardens during April, 1998
Dahlias will cheer the border gardens all through Autumn
Penstimmons are so easy to propagate and will flower again if cut back
Penstimmons growing with Acanthus in the barn garden.  All the plants
here are grown from cuttings
Asters are as easy to propagate as Penstimmons and help bring colour
to the late Autumn gardens
Asters are useful to the bumble bees too
Asters come in many colours
Another shade of Aster
Verbascum blooms all through summer and Autumn if you keep it cut
Nerine bowdenii adds cheer to the Autumn gardens
The colchiums and hardy cyclamen are happy in the woodland conditions
Stronger in colour, these colchiums grow in half sun
 The roses are still giving bloom   This is Gloire du Ducher, a hybrid perpetual, so
fragrant, growth tall - 7 ft - and ungainly
 It is not only conventional flowers that add colour to the Autumnal
garden, I think this fungi may be a form of pine mushroom and
edible but we have not dared try it!
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