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Photographs taken in the Town garden in September 1998 by Gay Klok
This Azalea indica is the sofest shell-pink.  I think the name is "Ballerina"
Camellia reticulata "Buddha" growing under the Ivy tree
Close up of "Buddha"
The kurume Azaleas covers the bush in small flowers
There are many shades in the kurumes from white to dark red
"Lila Naff", a chance seedling of woderful beauty, a reticulata the flowers measure
5 1/2 inches, colour silvery-pink
An French  japonica, "Adolphe Audusson gives strong colour in the garden
An evergreen Azalea called "Mother's Day"
Beautiful white blooms with a green eye make this Azalea indica very beautiful
This is a New Zealand Camellia, bought at an auction, unnamed, any suggestions?
Camellia japonica "Lady Clare" had flowers at least 5 inches across
Japanese cherry tree and Camellias look great together
This is very interesting and I hope you can see it.  I was taking photos for this
page and noticed that the edges of this one flower [amongst many] was very
serrated.  All the other blooms are smooth around the edges!
"Betty Cuthbert"
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