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Photos taken in the cold of snow in the Town Garden, Hobart Tasmania
by Gay Klok, 2000



Magnolia denudata is always the first Magnolia to open its wonderful waxy white blooms to the winter sky


You may see the house through the dozens of Magnolia blooms


Our Scotsman Hunter sculpture looks through the Hellebores and Euphorbias


This unusual flower is a small shrub Illicum, the flowers are a darker cream than shows in this photo.  We are growing this in the swimming pool mini climate.   The plant comes from the temperate and frost free areas of East Asia and the Americas and is closely related to the Magnolia.   The name Illicum comes from the Latin word meaning "alluring" and refers to the wonderful scent


I am showing this to indicate where the Illicum is growing and the sheltered situation we have given it.   On the right you see glass panes, kept together with glazing bars.   The swimming pool is three-quarters covered with glass in this method.   On the left is one of the  Vireya Rhododendrons and the Illicum may be seen in flower next to it.


Close up of the above Vireya Rhododendron


In a sheltered position, the Vireya will flower for many weeks.  Both the Illicum and the Vireyas may be grown outside, as long as the position is not in a frosty area.  They do not like wind but the are not demanding as far as soil is concerned as long as it is acidic.


Another Vireya Rhododendron, with much smaller flowers but the lovely clusters make a great show.


As you can see, it is very generous will the  clusters


We also grow evergreen Azaleas within the confines of the swimming pool that provides a conservatory-like shelter.   All the above plants grow outside in the country garden


Outside, Rhododendron hybrid "You Beaut" is in bloom, always the first


I hope you enjoyed looking at the flowers.   If you want to know anything about these wonderful plants that may give you so much pleasure in late Winter, please leave a message in the discussion area on my Welcome Page, click up the top and on the right hand side.   I love to hear from you