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Photos taken at "Kibbenjelok" the Country Garden by gay Klok



The shadows grow longer as the cool Winter evening draws nearer.  The Dawn Redwoods have lost their leaves but the Swamp Cypress glows red-brown in the setting sun


These rose photos were taken in the garden only a week away from our shortest day.  They have flowered particularly well this year.  This is the david Austin Rose "Leanader"


The gentler colour of the rose "Orangeade" in Autumn is more to my liking than the more strident shade in Summer


The Heritage rose "Cymbeline" will flower for a little while.  it is lucky that these roses don't need much pruning as we have started to prune the bushes in both gardens


I am looking forward to the Tree Peonies to start blooming but in the meantime I get pleasure from their buds promising me a good year for them


The herald of the coming Camellia show.   This particular shrub is a seedling from a Tasmanian Camellia grower.  He has so many Camellia bushes that his garden area is full up and he now has lines of pots on his carport flat roof


And, as always, one of the first to bloom Camellia "Water lily".  Always healthy and strong growing, she is covered in buds this year


This is a close-up of the flower.  I don't know why the different shade, they were taken at the same time


Helleborus - "Christmas Rose" - may look a little insipid after the showgirl Camellia but they are an extremely useful ground cover at this time of the year.  This is H. foetidus, look at the great leaves


The first of the deciduous Azaleas is in flower.   June is very early for this plant to bloom


Although tender the Abutalon is protected by the cherry nearby, still with its Autumn coloured leaves and coming into delicate blossom


The delicate cream yellow blooms of another Abutalon is braving the Winter chill


The best time to show you the front of "Kibbenjelok" is in Winter.   In the middle is the front door nobody uses, on the left is the bow window so popular at the turn of the Century and on the right are the windows of the sun room and it is here where. on a rainy day, Ii sometimes write my article

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