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 Sunday, 16th January 6.30am:

Gay listens to a tape of the interview, remarks to herself “Pretty boring” and is glad the producer,  when thanking her,  asks if she is prepared to do another as it had to be shortened for the National News.  Gay said she was unhappy that there had not been time to talk about the Suite [the reason for the interview was that the producer had found “Tasmanian Gardening” whilst surfing the Net] and suggested it could be included in an Internet program.   This was agreed upon.  Gay had only managed to get the address of the Suite in once and in a hurry.   Kees said it was because Gay had talked too much

6.45am:   Kees back to bed, Gay walks around the garden.   A bewitching time to view the garden and the wild life, not practiced enough by Gay who is convinced that she has been a “night person” all her life.   Gay stops at the “Big Pond, Cinderella”, horrified to see that Montbergias [now in flower] are taking over from the water iris.   Not planted by design, there are dozens and dozens of the corms to be yanked out.   After more than an hour of doing just that, Gay returns to the house to find Kees making a delicious breakfast.   Gay decides that she should get up at Dawn more often, it is so very pleasant and helps beat the heat.

Clean the verandah of peafowl droppings

The rest of Sunday is used up by spasmodic dove watching [social war settling down] and weeding

4.00pm:   Gay decides that she gets too sleepy to do the Dawn Adventure very frequently and watches the cricket on the TV.   Australia wins.

 Monday, 17th January  10 am:

Gay is finishing this article.   Maybe do a few hours weeding, take photos with her trusty and over prolific camera and then:

Pack up supplies left over from the weekend, try to find Billy the cat, who always can tell what day of the week it is and thinks she would prefer a lonely week to traveling the 50 kilometers in the car, perhaps she looks forward to pigeon pie? and make sure perishables in the fridge have really reached their used by date


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