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SPRING FLOWERS taken in Gay and Kees Kloks' gardens in Tasmania Australia in the Year 2000



All is green again after the Spring rains.   Trees are still bare of leaves.   Here we see the trunk of the old Birch tree in the Front Cottage garden


The Snowflakes, Leucojum, still bloom in the grass under the Birch trees in the mini white trunk wood garden.   The white dove, taking a rest, adds to the picture


Euphorbia and Forsythia make a yellow and green picture.   The Euphorbia seeds everywhere but usually chooses such a good spot that I do not have the heart to pull it out.   Town Garden


The Christmas Roses, Hellebores orientalis, already heavy in pregnancy, yet still making a lovely picture in the green and yellow garden colour of early Spring


English Iris are willing to add to that colour scheme


I will be showing Rhododendrons with the next article but as this early   Rhododendron wants to join in  the colour scheme, I will show R. chrysanthum


Just beginning - the first Tree Paeonia


Back to our yellow theme, Hamamelis x intermedia "Arnold Promise" bloomed late this year.   The bush can reach 20 ft in time  and the leaves turn a red, orange and yellow in Autumn.   It is very strongly scented and may be grown in sun or light shade.   Hardy to -20F [-29C], US zones 5-9


The peafowl are getting ready for the usual rites of Spring!

The Daffodils are not quite a cloud yet but here are the first Heralds of Spring