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Photos taken by Gay Klok during September, 1998
Magnolia soulangeana hold their beautiful flowers to the blue Spring day
Beautiful Tree Paeonia
The garden full of blossoms at the beginning of Spring
Early Rhododendrons perfume the crisp air
Close up of the wonderful flowers
And who can walk by the wonderful old fashioned Tree Peony
The crab apple show off whilst sheltering the Camellias
The 100 year old Oak tree at its most beautiful, lime green baby leaves
A poor photo of the weeping cherry tree
I have showed a photo of this Rhododendron virya before but wanted to show how long these Rhododendrons flower.   Taken on September 16th, 1998
Fresias bring their colour to the early Spring garden
Purple fresias with angelica leaves
The lovely pale pink Magnolia stellata
Iris and fern leaves
Please feel free to ask me any questions about these plants using the discussions link.  You may only use this area if you are a member of, so think about joining our vigorous garden group.  It doesn't cost you anything and we not only learn a lot, we have fun as well
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