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Photos taken during August, 1998 at "Kibbenjelok" by Gay Klok
In the "Orchard Garden" the Birch Trees begin to shimmer green and the Narcissus are in flower
Another picture of Magnolia campbellii, I couldn't resist
Narcissus and Rhododendron shine from the bank between the house and "Big Pond"
The "Big Pond" and the Pear Tree about to burst into beautiful flower
The "Low Garden" in front of the house
We are still waiting for the Dawn redwoods to turn green, taken from dike of "Big Pond"
This white Rhododendron  gives a wonderful scent and is one of the first to delight us
 The beautiful small Rhododendron "Snow Lady"
 Pale yellow broom only 2 years old and bought at the local supermarket
 This is the Tasmanian Laurel Tree growing along the side of the house
Another early Rhododendron specie that is very beautiful in early Spring
Please feel free to ask me any questions about these plants using the discussions link.  You may only use this area if you are a member of, so think about joining our vigorous garden group.  It doesn't cost you anything and we not only learn a lot, we have fun as well
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