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Photographs taken with a digital camera by Gay Klok


The tall greenery on the left is a huge clump of black bamboo, the thin conifers are Italian "Rockets" and next to that is Cordidlas Australia.   On the right the lime green leaves of the huge English oak tree, its moment of greatest beauty.   In front and on the right of the path is a Rhodedendron, just coming into bloom, also its greatest moment.   Below is the same Rhododendron, fully out


Closeup of the highly scented flowers


At the back you see a pink haze belonging to the Crabapple, also in the photo are red
Camellias.   I was standing on the verandah at the front door when I took these photos


Crabapple, as seen when swimming in the pool

Crabapple in the centre, "Blackwood", a native Wattle tree seedling that has marvellous wood for furniture and carpentry  [must have come with a plant we bought]  on the left and large elms on the right, all being swamped by Jasmine.   Underneath all this is the swimming pool area


Moving around [not quite enough] more of the venerable Oak tree and a red Rhododendron   In  the border, you may see that the Camellias bloom with the green Viburnum.



The camellias are still giving us a wonderful display


This is the poolhouse [machinery and Kees' gardening messes inside], Rhododendron and red Beech trunk.   The pool house and the Beech was very badly burnt in a hedge fire, many years ago.  I thought we would lose the Beech, it was just a black "thing" but I poured water into it, cut off the blackest branches and it is back giving its lovely copper leaves that are so great to use in vases


On the way down to pool house we passed this mature Japanese cherry, very beautiful


We also passed several Viburnums just showing their lovely flowers


And the mauve purple of the Chinese Wisteria blends with the acid green of the Viburnum


The blue Abutalon lives nearby

I hope you enjoyed looking at the flowers.   If you want to know anything about these wonderful plants that may give you so much pleasure at the beginning of Spring, please leave a message in the discussion area on my Welcome Page, click up the top and on the right hand side.   I love to hear from you