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Photos taken in the Town garden, Hobart Tasmania

by Gay Klok May 2000


Vireya Rhododendrons may bloom several times through the year


These are growing in a protected area around the swimming pool in our Town House garden


Close up of the above Vireya.   They will grow outside but do not flower so freely as with the protective walls of the swimming area


Yet another form, these looms are much smaller but a very pretty rosette


I have a few evergreen Azaleas growing in the same area and this is the third blooming.   I think this is called "Silver Anniversary" and if it is, I gave this to Kees on our 25th Wedding Anniversary.   After another 23 years, it is a rather large bush!


The white flowers are rather hard to get a good photo with the digital camera.   I like this Azalea, it has a yellow-green throat


We have gone outside the swimming pool surround now.   A variety of shrubs and trees, Euphorbia and Man ferns


An Acer and our 120+ English Oak tree


Another Acer with very cut leaves.   This is hanging over the little pond my daughter made for me many years ago.  She was found making a hole in the deepest shade so i grow a lot of ferns around the area.   The Autumn leaves give a lovely glowing light in the shade

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