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photos taken in both gardens during November 1998 by Gay Klok
Please ask me for the names of the Rhododendrons
 An incredible colour in a specie rhododendron
Rhododendrons may vary so much in their colouring, both in shape of bloom and leaf too
Note the double cup effect on this American hybrid
Individual throat colouring from large splashes of to a scattering of dots, give a lot of variation in individual flowers
These stronger markings in the throat give another kind of beauty to this Rhododendron
This Rhododendron grows to only a foot high and has clear red waxy flowers
And yet another way to show off its flowers
Many acid loving plants are great to associate with the Rhododendron, this time Viburnum "Maresii"
This is a new [last year] Australian hybrid Rhododendron "Sunset"
This  beautiful Rhododendron has the most  heavenly perfume
Forget-me-nots cool down the fiery deciduous Azalea
Subtle blend of colours in yet another deciduous Azalea
Another colour blend showing how versatile these azaleas can be
And if you need subtle colouring for your garden scheme, this is a very soft colour
This particular Azalea is growing next door to a lovely conifer
Most of the Rhododendrons I can name, so,  if you are interested in a particular one, ask me  in our discussions
I enjoy that and I think you may too.  We learn a lot and have a lot of fun.
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