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RHODODENDRONS in flower in the country garden "Kibbenjelok"

Photos taken by Gay Klok during November 1999


Love them or hate them, you must admit that the soft colouring and beautiful form of this specie Rhododendron is a joy to behold.  It grows to be quite a large bush and covers the leaves with the delightful flowers


These flowers should have more yellow in them but it is a very soft creamy-yellow colour.  Species Rhododendrons, in my opinion,  have a delicate charm that is being bred out of the family by plants with huge flower trusses and stronger colours.


The above Rhododendron in situ.   Manferns are perfect growing companions.   Rhododendrons, when mature, do not mind a "cut back" though you may lose some flowers in the following year.   A good practice is to prune straight after flowering and just one third of the branches.  We have reached the stage where we are having to do some selective pruning.   I have not noticed lack of blooms the following year, indeed they seem to respond well to an occasional hair cut


One of the hybrids, Rh "Arthur J  Ivan" is so full and blowzy that you have to forgive it and let it have its day!   This plant is planted in full sun.   At the Rhododendron conference I have just attended, I was told by an expert that growers are beginning to think that the books overstate the necessity of growing rhododendrons in shade.  Perhaps the modern
breeders are trying to raise sun hardy breeds


Close-up up of the blooms.   You will notice that there is an enormous variety in the family of Rhododendrons in the shape of the flowers and the buds and the markings inside the blooms


Another of my favorites.   I love the green throat and the soft pink buds.  All the family needs is a soil on the acid side, adequate water, preferably even throughout the year.


Just coming out this is one of the many "Yak" crosses.   "Yak" is popular Word wide because of the neat way it grows and its small size.  I call them "bun" Rhododendrons - they form rounded bun shaped bushes that never grow very high, only wider as they mature


The unusual colouring of this Rhododendron makes the placing of it hard, too close to the strong pinks, it loses its charm


The "Loderi" family is huge in every way - the height and the flower heads.   Healthy and undemanding, if you have room this is an easy one "Loderi Venus".


Not all species are in the pale shades, this one is unusual in the brown-orange markings in the throat


But I do prefer the softer tones.   I have no idea what this Rhododendron is.   I bought most of the plants from a nursery in the North of Tasmania.   I have just learnt that the World renown nursery man has died a few weeks ago, so now I am left without a Tasmanian supplier of specie Rhododendrons.   It makes me very sad.  And as Bob did a lot of cross pollination, I will probably never get the true names of many of these plants I am showing you.


This is a hybrid "Powder Puff" that has a very strong red spotted throat and a good, neat growing habit


A very gentle beauty, absolutely shell pink and very proud trusses


This and the last Rhododendron are large growing species crosses and are a great success in my opinion.   Both are medium sized bushes


This also is a great beauty in the garden.   Again, the cream should be more yellow.   If you look closely at the top flower, you may see that the stem is a bright scarlet, giving another pretty addition to its overall charm.  A large bush, perhaps not for the small garden.

There are photos of the Rhododendrons in situ in the garden which may be seen by clicking the link below my article.   This is a link to my Welcome Page.   If you want the names of any of these plants, I am able to give most of their names.   As many are crosses from one particular breeder, they are unobtainable from other Nurseries