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Photos taken by Gay Klok on Open days, October 3rd and October 4th, 1998
Rhododendrons the visitors loved
Rhododendron "Nuttalii"'s charming buds.  When the bloom is open, the garden will be awash in perfume
The blooms of Rh. loderi "Venus" making a very large bush both upwards and sideways
Close up of the huge flower trusses
Rhododendron "Unique", japanese Acer "Green Cascades" and Viburnum plicatum "Mariesii"
Close up of the delicately coloured flower heads of the rhododendron "Unique"
Rhododendrion "Unknown Warrior" and  add colour to the top Rhododendron garden
The flower head of the specie Rh "Grande".   The large leaved Rhododendrons take some
years before blooming
Showing the large leaves of the Himalayan Rhododendron
A somewhat smaller Rhododendron "Doc" is just emerging  with its soft flowers
Perfuming the whole garden, Rh "Countess of Haddington" is not a tall Rhododendron, growing wider and wider as the years pass
The delicate amber flowers of  Rh "Alison Johnstone"
As usual I want to share too many photos with you.
 If you have had enough here is the link to the article "The Garden of Joy and Sorrow"