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                                THE RHODODENDRONS STILL BLOOM IN DECEMBER

                                Most photographs taken at "Kibbenjelok" with a digital camera

Rhododendrons, if chosen well, may flower for six months of the year.   There are several types still in bud that I will be able to use in my vases on Christmas Day.   Primulas are just coming and I will show more photographs of them next month


                                            The beautiful hybrid "Sir Fredrick Moore".   A strong
                                                       growing bush which is already well above my head,
                                                       planted about 7 years ago


                                                            Primulas coming and a few last Rhododendrons
                                                            going in the "Home Orchard Garden"


                                                            Vireya sp. Rhododendron blooms at all times
                                                            of the year in a mini-climate in the swimming
                                                            pool surround at the Town Garden.   These
                                                            Rhododendrons have lately become very popular
                                                            in the warmer states of Australia.   Many 
                                                            varieties come from New Guinea and Jarva.
                                                            Australia has only one native Rhododendron Vireya
                                                            "Lochae" which grows in the warmer climes
                                                            of Northern NSW and Queensland.   We do
                                                            have one growing outside in the garden at Hobart
                                                            but, I feel, that it may be too cool for this specie at "Kibbenjelok"


                                                            Another view of the Himalayan Primulas
                                                            We grew these from seeds purchased at
                                                            Cluny House Garden in Scotland.   They
                                                            have increased so well, I am able to have
                                                            large slashes of the same colours and sp.
                                                            throughout the gardens

                                                Two of the later flowering Rhododendrons, hybrid
                                                            "Tallyho", a good clear tomato red "Cup Day" cross
                                                            in the background

                                                The first yellow Primulas stand tall and straight
                                                            with many more to come.   Above,  the cut leaf
                                                            Alder allows just enough light in.


                                                            The American  hybrid, bred by Greer, "Whalloper", is aptly
                                                            named.   Everything about this Rhododendron is
                                                            large -- its rate of growth, the size of the flower heads
                                                            make such an impression that I have planted manferns
                                                            and Japanese Acers and to the right of the picture you
                                                            may see the huge leaves of the so-called rhubarb plant
                                                            Gunnera " manicarta to cool it down a little!


                                                            The Primulas, when happy as they are here, should
                                                            be split, at the minimum, every two years and you
                                                            may get as many as 7 more healthy plants.  They are
                                                            so blissful they scatter dozens of babies ino the brown
                                                            gravel paths


                                                            Specie Rhododendron maddenii, a late flowerer
                                                            with the most woderful perfume, would look good
                                                            in a vase with the similar colouring of the Christmas
                                                            Lily but the combined scents may be over powering


                                                Double Primulas flowering earlier in the season
                                                            The seeds came from the Chelsea flower show
                                                            we were lucky enough to attend several years ago


                                                            Kees being dwarfed by the Rhododendron "Pink Pearl"
                                                            This Rhododendron was in the garden when we bought
                                                            the property.   Behind it is the Chinese Beauty bush, also
                                                            very large for what it is.


                                                            The gravel path that means you are about in the middle of the
                                                            "Home Orchard Garden" and still have quite a walk ahead of
                                                            you.   The Rhododendron you see in bloom is an old one called
                                                            "Arthur J Ivens" - a type tolerent of a sunny position

I am sure your arms and buckets are full of flowers to decorate our homes on Christmas day
Do let me know how you enjoyed our stroll through the gardens by sending an email or
by letting me know how you decorate your Christmas table through using the discussion
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