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Photos taken by Gay Klok in both gardens during January 1999


The Japanese Iris, ensata syn Iris kaempferi, give enormous pleasure in early Summer.  They bear huge flowers up to 25 cm [10 inches] across.  They prefer a part shade in a hot garden, rich, acid soil and lots of water


Japanese Iris come in many shades with various patterns on their falls.   Gardeners without enough dampness in their soil can plant them in a shallow water basin, provided they are lifted out of the water in the Winter


The Traveler's Joy, Clematis of which there are 200 species, are mostly woody climbers.   Enjoyed in all temperate gardens throughout the World, the most popular, large flowered varieties come from japan and China.  They may be trained up posts, through trees, bowers and trellis fences.  Pegged down, they may be used as ground cover but you gave to make sure their roots are in the shade and their heads are in the sunlight


Another climber that flowers throughout Summer is the  Campsis  grandiflora   This one has climbed to the roof of the Sandy Bay garden, seeking the sunshine.  It is amazing how long this vine stays in bloom


Lonicera hildebrandiana, Giant Honeysuckle comes from China and Southeast Asia.   It remains evergreen in the warm Town Garden but can be semi evergreen in a cooler environment.  it has large glossy leaves and may reach up to 9m or 30 ft!  It has the longest flower of all the honeysuckles, unfortunately only a faint scent and flowers in the Summer time


Summer is the time for the perennial borders to come into their own.  This photo is taken at the country garden and you see Dahlias and Euphorbia and Chamaemelum in the cottage garden


A few of the Louisiana Iris are still showing their dramatic flowers.   Beardless, they come in a multitude of colors and patterns.  They can quickly build up into large clumps and should be divided every two or three years.   Although they like swamp conditions best, they will be quite happy in normal soil conditions as long as they are well watered


Looking out the window, I see more Dahlias,Red-Hot Pokers kniphofia and the last of the summer roses


If we walk outside and have a closer look at the above border, we can see also old-fashioned Aster daisies just beginning their season in the sun and in the far background, growing close to the "Big Pond" is a young Cedrus Atlantica


The grey garden is still of interest with the Iceberg roses


The unusual flowers of the Alstroemeria psittacina, is a native of Brazil and puzzled many in my "What flower is This?"  The unusual colouring makes it a good bloom to use in a flower arrangement.  Easily grown in warm temperate climates, it flourishes well in Tasmania in a sheltered spot


The Rosa "Iceberg" in the town garden.  These bushes all come from cuttings from a hedge of them in my Mother's garden.  My Mother passed away several years ago and what better flower to remind me of her and her garden for such a long period, they can be in flower for four months

If you would like to know more about the summer flowers, please use the discussion area.  If you want to tell me about your garden, tell me!  If you are not a member, do think about joining us.  All you have to do is give your email adress and name, the other suggestions are optional.  It costs nothing to join and apart from all the things we learn from each other, it can be a lot of fun

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