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Photos taken by Gay Klok in the country garden


Enjoying the Summer garden and watching for any stray rose shoot to have a nibble.   The red spires on the right are the flower stems of the Lobelia tupa, all of ten or more feet high.   The ferny leaved tree is the cut leaf Alder and the other bits of colours are Summer perennials and the lasy of the Hydrangeas

Peafowl dancing on top of the just clipped Myrtle hedges.   In the centre you may see a weeping elm tree and the dashes of red are roses

At lunch time the peafowl are wall to wall on the back Cottage Garden grass.   They eat anything from scraps from the kitchen, including meat!, but their favourite is cats' biscuit and white flowers


The males start their dancing in Spring time and continue right through until Autumn.   The long and beautiful feathers must be very heavy to hold up.   They shiver them ass they parade which makes a kind of shivering noise    I think he is probably dancing to me taking his photo. They will perform before anything, the cats, the ducks, the car - indeed, anything that moves.   In the background are the lovely needles of the Blue Spruce with Lady's Mantle [citrus green] underneath.   The roses on the arbor are too low for the possums so do have flowers on them - they are the yellow-apricot "Felicia" and "Penelope"


A green mother with her five chicks.   Here you can see how the greens are far more beautiful than the blue mothers



The result of all that shivering and dancing, ugly little peachicks, but how proudly the mother walks


Still ugly after some weeks, these three are just getting their feathers.   It is impossible to tell the sex of the birds until they are nearly two years old.   Their mother will be close by, she stays with them until the next season of dancing and shivering


This young cock is just growing his tail feathers and is hybrid of a green peafowl mother and a blue cock

A mature male is sitting in the white trunk garden [Birch mini wood].   late Winter time with the snowflakes pushing through the grass

As the evening draws in, this mature bird is contemplating which old Radiata Pine Tree he will sleep in tonight.   Once the dark has fallen, the birds fly to the very top of the eighty year old giant conifers

On top of a weeping cherry tree.   If you look carefully you may see a white peafowl strolling on the grass, left side at the back.   In the front left the tiny blue colour is showing another two peafowl.   When you come to visit the gardens in real life, you may not see the peafowl wherever you stroll as they fly out into the paddocks when there are strangers around

These wait for me to bring them some tit-bits at lunch time.   The time is early Spring time, the Birch trees are just getting their new leaves

Where better to stand and survey the World than on top of the "Royal Orb"?

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