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Photos taken by Gay klok with a digital camera
This Tree Peony was an enormous hit with the rain drenched visitors
This Philadelphis, a small bush only 3 ft high was a bit of a hit, especially the perfume
The late Rhododendrons gave them great pleasure too.   many were surprised when they noted that they still bloomed
They were certainly in awe of "Whalloper" an American hybrid bred by Greer
Next to "Whalloper"  a giant Gunnera made some folk gasp
The "Gleditsia" gleamed even in the rain
Walking on they found another tree Peony to Hum and Ugh about
The peafowl were not shy to show off also
The Australian Rhododendron "Sunset" still got some admiration
The many Acer standards delighted a few.  This is a very young one called "Bronze"
Another group of Asiatic Primulas just beginning to flower in the border
I could have wished for the Louisiana Iris to be more advanced
The Primula borders gave the visitors a glimpse of what was to come
Granny-night-caps, Meconopsis leaves and conifer needles
Another Primula border with the New Zealand Rhododendron "Beatrice"  was a popular spot
And a lovely surprise for Kees and myself was to see this wild duck, Wood Duck,  family on the "Big Pond"
These are a few glimpses of the garden which was open for the general public, under the auspices of the Australian Open garden Scheme  at the end of November, 1998
Any questions?  Use the discussion area if there is anything you would like to know.  I would love to hear from you if you have any garden questions at all.
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