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Photographs taken with a digital camera during May 1998 
Christmas Roses just beginning and the hydrangea blooms faded to sea green
Abutalon megapotamicum will remain in flower for a few weeks yet
Close up of the above Abutalon
Another form of the varied Abutalon genre
Rosa "Sea Foam" completely covers the fence with its Autumn flowering
Mahonia flowers brighten up the heavy shade and soon there will be purple grapes too
Double Primula starts its long flowering season
Camellias are fast joining in to the Winter garden scene
These red rose hips have been left by the birds. Thank you, birds!
Euonymous seeds and a eandering passion fruit vine
Tecoma covered the ugly wood shed in no time and adds colour at a quiet time
The Guinea Fowl search for grubs in the lawn at the end of the still Autumn day