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More Pictures from the Country Garden "Kibbenjelok"
Taken by Gay Klok during July 1998
The red Rhododendrons begin to flower, this is a young bush of Rh. nerii florum
The first Iris to bloom this year, Iris tingitana
Rhododendron "Spring Sonnet" - buds bursting a month early
Christmas Roses, helleborus that lift your hearts all Winter
One of Australia's native hibiscus, when the flower is open it has a dark purple heart
Rhododendron "Cornubia" the first red Rhododendron to flower in our long line of Rhodos
Close up of "Cornubia"
Pieris flower from early Winter with lily-of-the-valley like racemes
Camellia "Waterlily" aptly named with is perfectly formed flower
Bergensia [commonly known as Pig's squeak] whose leaves make excellent ground cover
"Black Cockatoo" watches the duck mucking around as he looks at the view of the Channel
The scene of the Channel we see as we drive back to Town Garden at sunset
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