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Photographs taken in "Kibbenjelok", Middleton Tasmania by Gay Klok with her digital camera
during June, 1998
A typical cool Winter's evening at the "Big Pond Cinderella"
The first narcissus "Erlicheer" is already sharing its perfume
 Euphorbia from the Canary Islands and roses in background
At last, the Camellias begin to show off
Chaenomeles, Ornamental Quince, this white form seems to always flower early
The house is sleepy in the late afternoon Winter sun
Betulas, birch trees, showing off their white trunks
The Autumn cherry tree, subhirtella autumnalis,  that always waits until Winter
A bright note is struck with Lonicera, Honeysuckle
Iris unguicularis gleaming in the late afternoon sun
From  sunroom window, Rosa "Iceberg" still in bloom
The spidery flowers of the Hamamelis, Witch Hazel that smell so wonderful
In the sunroom this orchid is in bloom very early
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