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                              The Japanese Iris, that I still call wrongly "Kaempferi", was
                              growing in the cottage garden in a funny spot, when we
                              purchased the country property.   There was only one lonesome
                              plant.   We moved it and have been dividing every two years and
                              now we have a lovely stream growing near [not under] a Silver
                              Birch tree.   The area gets plenty of water as it is in a furrow left
                              over from when this garden was all rows of apple trees
                             Another more modern cultivar of the Japanese Iris, growing with
                             yellow drumstick Primulas which also like damp conditions.  The
                             pure white blooms are bigger than a good sized saucer.
                              One of my favourite Iris, a startling form of I sibirica.   These are
                            easy to grow, are neat in their leaf [not all iris are] and make a
                            useful garden plant.  Easy to increase, all it takes is a spade, dig up
                            the plant and cut into new sections
                              A bronze-yellow Louisiana Iris, an Australian hybrid, and an
                            interesting colour to introduce into the garden.   These Iris also
                            like moist conditions and may be left for three years before
                            splitting into many new plants.
                       A complete contrast in colour [I suggest you would not want to
                     grow them next to one another] another Aussie, but this time of
                     very delicate shades.
                      Yet another shade of Louisiana Iris, this time with a green slash
                      in the centre of the bloom.   If you have a damp area in part of your
                      garden, these are very easy to grow.   In fact, if you keep the water
                      up in the dry periods, anyone may like to experiment and soon you
                      will have a lovely clump of gorgeous, easy to grow plants