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Autumnal colours, roses and Rhododendron vireya and the beautiful Luculia are here there but leaves are beginning to Fall

Photos by Gay Klok in her Town and Country garden

during May and June 1999


The Autumn roses are very special with strong scent and a very special colour

Delicate and with strong perfume, this rose blends with the Autumn leaves


Evergreen Azaleas may bloom for many weeks during  late Fall and early Winter

It is the same with the early Sasanqua Camellias


A close up of this beautiful sasanqua Camellia


Roses are still in bloom give extra pleasure at the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter


They will have to stop blooming soon as June is our pruning time.   I will have to fill the vases with the flowers!


This lovely rose is a scrambler and never seems to stop blooming


In the Town Garden, in the swimming pool surround, the vireya Rhododendrons are really coming into their own


The blooms have subtle sunset shades and will sometimes flower at any old time throughout the year


This is a different Rhododendron to the one in the first photo.   The flower is shaped slightly differently


This Rhododendron vireya has small rose-pink flowers


The Luculia flowers in the middle of Winter and is very early this year


The last of the Autumn trees, a Japanese Maple has such fiery coloured leaves, it will stand up to the showiest of flowers.   I see in this photo that the low branch on the right should be pruned as soon as the sap stops flowing


If you would like to know the names of any of these flowers, please use my Discussion area.   I love to hear how you have enjoyed yourself

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