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LATE SUMMER FLOWERS in the year 2001

Page two

Photos taken by Gay Klok during February at the country garden "Kibbenjelok"


As we are only in the gardens at weekends, we must only grow the perennials that are hardy and look after themselves.  Rogersias fit into this category very well and with their handsome leaves make very good ground covers


Ornamental artichoke Cynara cardunculus bud before the flower opens is very attractive.   This plant with its silver leaves and large flowers makes a dramatic accent in the garden bed


An opened flower of the huge thistle like bloom


Bunch of lilies with many more to come, Lilium orientalis, the  perfume from these gorgeous blooms will drift over the surrounding beds


These are a lovely light yellow lilies, so welcome in the late Summer garden


White Agapanthus show up amongst the Rhododendrons and manferns.   This patch of the garden has more sun - the Aggies love a sunny position


The acid colour of this Euphorbia cools down the strong colours in the flowers of late Summer


The Rose hips of the rugosa rose R "Rugspin", too big for the birds to take, these hips give cheer to the Winter garden


The Eucryphias have not liked the more than average Summer warmth we have had this year.   Tasmania's famous "Leatherwood Honey" is made from the native Eucryphias

I would love to hear from you.   Use the discussion area if you have any questions or would like to tell us about your own gardens.    This link will take you back to my "Welcome"  page.   There are many great garden photos taken in the gardens, attached to my articles,  over the last several years