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and the Daffodils are in bloom

Photos taken by Gay Klok in August and September, 1999



Specie Daffodils grow through the grass in many corners of the country garden.    These are the first to welcome the sunny, warmer days of early Spring


Ten days later this specie will join its cousin in glowing brightly through the grass


Also very early in the season, this unusual specie waves to all on its thin stalk when even a gentle wind is blowing


Here is just one corner filled with the gleaming lights.   One group, not planted by any human, has managed to escape the mob and now flowers outside the garden rail and post fence


The "Big Pond" in the background, the Daffies sprout up everywhere in the front garden


This tiny Daffodil, I think it is "February Gold" is growing in the so called rock garden.   That is a regular plant tag in front which will give you the size of these dainty things


And yet another form of old fashioned daffodils


The marvelous Michelia doltsopa joins the narcissus in perfuming the whole garden


A close-up of this favourite of mine, as beautiful as any Camellia and not grown often enough, in my opinion.   Even as great as ........


The marvelous dinner plate sized blooms of Magnolia campbellii "Charles Ruffill"


That is Kees admiring the Magnolia and amazes at our tall it has grown in approx. eight years


And as the daffodils begin to fade, the cherries start bringing the bees into the garden and the forget-me-nots start to crawl everywhere


The wonderful blue Spring sky is reflected in the "Big Pond" pleasing the white Japonica,

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