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Photos taken during January and early February 1999

by Gay Klok


The only complaint I have with daylilies is that they are too prolific.  The colour is so strong for the  most part, I grow them  by themselves   Native to east Asia, the Hemerocallis is evergreen in our country garden's mild climate


Some have soft colouring and perfume.  You can propagate by separating the clumps in Autumn.  When planting remember that the heads of flowers turn towards the sun and the equator.

The late Primulas are able to stand up to the daylilies and are not overshadowed by them


The centre of this bloom is quite green, the petals a rich plum colour  Individual blooms last only one day, hence the name, but every day there will be new ones showing their individual colours


This particular flower has soft shading too


Vivid scarlet makes this one stand out.  The Daylily can be double but I prefer the single varieties.  They can be naturalized in grass areas


Big or small, they are so easy and generous.   Miniatures may be only 24 inches [60cm], most of the ones we grow are 3ft or 1m



Looking ver to the Channel from the front of the country garden.  The RedHot Pokers are just finishing, you may also see Dahlias and in the centre a lemon yellow Abutilon


this particular Verbascum came from seed from the Royal Horticulture Society and as an extra fat head


This is also a Verbascum and the photo does not do it justice, it is a lovely apricot-brown colour.  It looks good with the self-seeding Euphorbia


A not very good photo of the "Jockey-Caps" the flowers only lasting one day but new blooms coming out to please you every day


A lovely Ti-Tree with plum-wine coloured leaves and covering itself in white flowers, is one of the lovliest shrubs in the country garden


Both gardens are full of various Hydrangeas, this one is a special French variety.  I am showing you a page of the many hydrangeas, so click that link, if you are interested

You can click here to get back to my Welcome Page.  If yo would like to know more about any of the plants in my photos, please use the discussion area and leave me a note.  I would be delighted to hear your thoughts on the late Summer gardens or any other garden matters