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Photos taken by Gay Klok during August and September, 1999


Camellia "Brushfield's Yellow" starts the feast of colour and delight.  This is an attempt to get a yellow Camellia


I have chosen this before but it is still full of flowers, weeks later, the beautifully symmetrical "Waterlily"


Camellia "Great Eastern" a very hardy Camellia whose only fault is to form too many buds.   You can twist a few of the buds off when they first start forming, and you will get lovely, clear red flowers.   Though an old Camellia, "Great Eastern" will provide welcome colour to the Spring garden


This is a much darker red than shows here, a rich, lively dark crimson "Black Opal" is very floriferous


This is "WildFire" another good red


A lovely Camellia is "Debutante" in shape and colour


This shows three different red Camellias growing in the shelter of the evergreen Alder


"Elsa Jury" is a New Zealand hybrid and was a chance seedling but with the size of her flowers it is believed that she must have C reticulata in her breeding.   Her colour is a wonderful silvery pink


Looking across to the Camellia circle, though you can only really see an ornamental Japanese cherry but if you squint, you may see a few camellias in the background


"William Heinrich" is one of my favourite camellias.   The huge flowers are a clear red with no blue and the ruffled petals give it a very rich and sumptuous look


A close up of "William Heinrich"    One of the first to open, the shrub still has many flowers to come


And last is the very old fashioned "Paolina Maggi", the perfect shape to be worn in a gentleman's button hole as it was more than a hundred years ago

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