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photos taken by Gay Klok in the country garden "Kibbenjelok" Tasmania



August is a beautiful time in the Southern Hemisphere - our late Winter time, with Spring just around the corner.   In the background you may see the Acacia trees which were early this year, 2000


The wattle trees Acacia dealbata, the silver wattle,  in our bush.   Loved by all but those who suffer from asthma and enjoyed by all the birds of the bush


The golden-yellow balls of the common to the Middleton area, Acacia dealbata.


Camellia japonica"Grand Slam", a glorious brilliant glowing red , has very large showy blooms.  The flower is semi-double with a boss of gold stamens.   Very easy to grow, if a show girl of a flowering plant is what you need to get over the Winter blues, this could be the Camellia for you


A very old fashioned Camellia, C japonica "Moshioi" can be trusted to give you a long flowering season and healthy looking, glossy dark green leaves.  The colour is an intense, pure deep red, the form is "hose-in-hose".  The Japanese name may be translated as "Tide of Flowers".   It is growing near a Japanese cherry shown on the left in the photo


I think this is Camellia japonica "Elegans", also an old Camellia [released in England in 1831] and it is still worthwhile growing for the large to very large anemone form, deep rose bloom.   It has been used as a parent of many cultivars


This is an Australian cultivar, raised from a seedling in the garden of our famous Camellia grower, EG Waterhouse [no longer alive] and named after his wife, C japonica "Janet Waterhouse".   Elegant and delicate looking, it is a strong grower with magnificent dark leaves.  I am growing this against the house to give it shade from the afternoon sun


Camellia japonica "Shiro Chan", a snow white sport of C M Wilson.   The white is relieved by a flush of pink at the base as the flower opens


Camellia japonica "Cho Cho San [Mdme Butterfly] is shaded a very delicate light pink.  In bud or full flower, it is very beautiful.   A flower of extraordinary delicacy and perfection


You should recognize this, I have shown it amongst the garden photos attached to the last two articles.   Camellia "Waterlily" is a New Zealand hybrid, a cross C. saluensis x C. japonica K. Sawada.   I am showing it again to show you how long its blooming season is.   It has now been in bloom for 5 weeks with plenty of buds still left to delight us with its perfect form

I hope you enjoyed looking at the flowers.   If you want to know anything about these wonderful plants that may give you so much pleasure at the beginning of Spring, please leave a message in the discussion area on my Welcome Page, click up the top and on the right hand side.   I love to hear from you