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Photos taken by Gay Klok in the Year 2000



This is the "visitor's" bedroom.   Another of the old iron bedsteads found in the big barn.   The cover is a present from an Indonesian lass, a friend of my son's,  who stayed with us for a few days


The dressing table was also found i very poor condition in the room which is now the small bathroom ["my"  bathroom] and was a tiny bedroom.  The wood is Tasmania's blackwood, an excellent wood for furniture


When we bought the house, this room was the "front parlor" and accordingly has the best surround of the five fireplaces in the house.   The middle class dwellers who could not afford to use real marble would paint the surrounds, in the "best" room,  to represent a more expensive looking fireplace


Detail of the painting


Detail of the original ceiling, these pressed tin ceilings were very populate around the turn of the Century


A set of drawers and table for writing "thank you" letters.  The wood is Cedar [probably imported from Spain] that was commonly used by the Colonial carpenters in Van Dieman's Land [Tasmania] in the 19th Century


The view out of the Bow window of this bedroom is onto the "Big Pond, Cinderella" and the Channel



This is the third bed found in the barn.   Probably supposed to be double, it is only a three-quater sized bed by modern standards


The doors to the verandah sunroom


The more ordinary fire surrounds with an oil painting of our daughter Francesca.  The wood was not good enough to strip the surrounds


One of the two old built in cupboards found in the bedrooms.   Made of Blackwood by the original orchardist [we bought the property off the third generation] from trees grown on the property.  The other is in bedroom one, roughly made but part of the history of the house

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