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Taken by Gay Klok on a rainy Autumn day in the year 2000



This is Bedroom No 1.   Garden gloves [all presents and never used] hanging on old wash stand.   The iron bed is one of three we found on the top story of the old barn.   It looks white here but is actually an apricot colour


This is the door to the verandah.   When we bought the house there was only a tiny window and it was very dark.   We had these and other doors reproduced.   It worked out well.   I can lie in bed and see through to the mini Birch wood


Detail of the photos of the grandchildren as babies and toddlers.   The babies come so rapidly, it is hard to find time to keep up with fresh photos as they grow older



All garden books to read when I can't sleep!   I am so used to having very little sleep when playing around in the Suite and Internet, I now and again find it hard to get back to normal sleeping time when down at the country garden



This is "my" bathroom.   The old claw foot bath was bought, in terrible condition, from a back yard.   We had it professionally treated and it has stood up well.   I am the only one to "bath": in the family


The old washstand "makeup" table in the bathroom.  Wall is full of memories, top left a photo of my mother and in the middle top is my daughter's old school shoe

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