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This is a facade of the hotel we stayed in, the Legian Suite

The many Lotus flowers in the extensive gardens of The Legian Suite


One of the many palms grown in Bali and a close up of its fruit

My puzzle flower - Clerodendron paniculatum

Fan palm is seen in front of

This is Heliconias - a member of the banana family

I have no idea what this is, perhaps it is a kind of pineapple???

 Beautiful Grey Fan Palm in front of Ravenala madagascariensis, common name "Traveler's Joy"


Alpinia purpurata  - the wild Ginger plant

Rice fields and a tree which is considered an holy tree

Water plants

The "Umbrella Plant" - Cyperus alternifolius

 Bauhinia - commonly named "Orchard Tree" for the elegant flowers

 Daughters Michele and Francesca posing under a Bougainvillea on a bridge outside a restaurant in Ubud

  I have done my best to identify correctly these tropical plants that grow everywhere in beautiful Bali.  If there is a mistake, please let me know by leaving a message in the discussion area.  If you are not a member, why not become one?  We learn a lot in through these messages and have a lot of fun.  It costs you nothing and your privacy is absolutely protected