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Photos from the country garden, "Kibbenjelok", taken by Gay klok with her trusty digital camera



I do not know why gardeners don't grow more of the deciduous Azaleas.   An acid soil and a reasonable amount of rain [they do not need as much as rhododendrons] and they are the easiest of plants.


From soft to strong colours, a variation in markings give great pleasure.   Lovely deep red leaves in Autumn add to your gardens.   Unfortunately the bare branches in Winter are not much to write home about but the gardener can always grow something leafy and evergreen with them, they don't seem to mind


Here the the Azaleas fit into the cool scene of  Birches, with their white trunks, also a Magnolia helps the garden picture


I keep most of the Azaleas away from plants with strongly coloured flowers, e.g. the Rhododendrons, but this pink beauty could fit in with any colour scheme


The buds of this azalea, show colour variation from soft yellow, through apricot to almost orange


In between interesting conifers I have planted various deciduous Azaleas, including the one above.   To the left, there is a Rhododendron and manfern border.   The grass path keeps the two acid loving plants of the same family apart from each other so there is no clashing of colours


Amongst the silver pears in the mini Birch wood and near the white garden, I have added three soft toned Azaleas.   Apple tree on the left with bird bath and swallow bronze


An even softer pink, a very pretty one.   I have seen deciduous azaleas as tall as a small tree in some gardens.   Removal of seed heads is the only boring chore with these easy plants


Well grown, the bushes can cover themselves in glowing blooms and this Azalea has a delicate honey scent

I hope that I have persuaded you to consider using the hybrid Deciduous Azaleas in your planting scheme.   If you would like to know more about this use plant that cheers the garden scene in both late Spring and Autumn, use the discussion area to contact me.  I am always glad to hear from you.   This is the link back to my  Welcome Page